Hey Kris Gurl here! My name is Karissa but my friends call me Kris. This story is that  when I was little my sister use to give me this name as a way to tease me because it was a boy’s name, but as I’ve grown older I’ve embraced it and made it my own.

As the subtitle of this website describes, I am passionate about the things that are out of this world!

What I believe:

Did you know that there is someone who knows EVERYTHING about us and yet loves us entirely?! While you’re probably mind blown by this, I will have you know that this someone is my King Jesus Christ! Who is this Jesus you may ask? Well, the short version is that Jesus is the Son of God who came down from heaven to earth living a perfect life, and while doing so He died on the cross to pay for our sins and now He is in heaven preparing a place for you and me to spend eternity with Him.

Because of His great love for me, I have dedicated my life to serving Him, whether that be in big things, small things, where I am at currently, or in a different country. I honestly don’t know where He is taking me or what He is asking me to do, but I hope you would pray & support me in whatever direction He leads me in!

Here I will be recording the things that the Lord has revealed and taught me throughout the different seasons I go through. I share these things out of encouragement to others who are going through the same thing and to let everyone know what the Lord has been teaching me.

What I enjoy everyday:

Makeup. Playing and experimenting with different brands, colors & shades, tools, and more. I love recreating looks for each season of the year and moods that I am in. Making myself and others feel beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.

Fashion. Clothing is another way to express my style, inspiration, and mood whether in the moment or in the season. Love the colors, textures, styles, and lengths to experiment with everyday whether I’m trying or not.

What I am learning:

DIY. Everything from cooking to refurbishing furniture, I want to share with you all what I have been creating and making as part of my life practically and to give as gifts to share with others.

Life. With movies, books, and other adulthood life hacks and tips- I want to share with others as a way to share the goodness or warn to stay away from!


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