Minimalist Essentials for Traveling Abroad

As I’m packing to leave Europe and finish off my 5 1/2 month stay, there are somethings that I was glad I brought and other things I regret even packing but care too much for me to throw them away. I thought this post would be helpful for any of you planning on traveling/living abroad for an extended period of time.

Note that these are suggestions based on my opinion and experiences of the spring, summer, and fall seasons living on a mountainside. Keep in mind of the time of the year your trip will entail and to adjust products and items accordingly.

General Essentials
Below would be the absolute needs. Depending on the area you will be staying that doesn’t have the same/similar products you “have to use,” you may or may not need to bring double. Example: Although I didn’t end up needing a second bottle of deodorant, the types of deodorants sold here are not very comfortable for my skin, so I brought two just in case. But other things like face wipes, tooth paste, tooth brushes and face wash: I ended up running out of because of daily use and needed to repurchase.

Top Left: Maybelline Fit Me Powder 250, Maybelline Fit Me Foundation 250, Lorac To Go Pallet, Urban Decay All Night Setting Spray, NYX Lip Gloss in Strawberry, Bare Minerals Prime Time, Urban Decay Eye Primer, Elizabeth Mott Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner, Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil, Cover Girl Lash Blast, Maybelline Age Rewinder, NYX Lip Gloss in Berry
Top Right: LA Girl Lip Gloss, Cover Girl True Blend #4, Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara, Cargo HD Mascara, Revlon Lash Potion Mascara, Starlooks Obsidian Eyeliner Pencil, Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner, Benefit’s They’re Real Eyeliner, Nurish Organic’s Eye Cream, Color Prequel, NYX High Voltage Lipstick,  Em Cosmetics CC cream, Pixi Eyebrow Duo

Top Row Keeping vs. Bottom Leaving
The main essentials are comfortable walking shoes/shoes you don’t mind getting dirty, flats, and flip flops. I didn’t need to bring my rain boots (unfortunate because they are really heavy), or extra pair of brown flats. My black and gold flats were wearing apart too fast and I need to buy another pair (H&M Black Flats). Shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty should be the same as comfortable walking shoes, but I decided to have two separate shoes for that…not a good idea because it requires more space and you want to be able to not take it home with you as to replace with tourist things you would want to bring back. I’m also getting rid of the flip flops because they are super thin from being worn all the time during the hot summer days.

Pictured Above: Thrifted Black Rainboots, H&M Black Flats, Nike Crosstraining, Evening Slippers, Brown Cut-Out Flats, New Yorker Sneakers, Thrifted black and gold flats, Nike Flip Flops

Dress in Layers
This being my first time traveling abroad for a long period of time, unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for all the seasons and weather conditions in Austria. Living on a mountainside, the weather can be unpredictable and therefore its best to be flexible with the clothes you decide to bring. Solution: Dress in Layers
For me, I had to buy extra clothing: shorts and tank tops whereas the other clothes I brought were suitable enough for spring and fall. What I should have thought of was to bring clothes for summer and build on top of that with a few pairs of jeans, one sweater, and a jacket.

I would have taken a group shot of my clothes laid out but I didn’t have time to and plus I don’t have a lot of my original clothing as I’ve given a good chunk away to other people.

All Packed
Now I’m all packed and ready to head back to the states! Please pray for safe travels in my journey home! See you soon home!



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