Week Six


The idea of it is easy, but the execution of it is much more difficult.

The purpose of the intern’s trip to Croatia was to build team unity. So what we did was that we woke up at four in the morning to hop into the vehicle with a full tummy and day pack at 5 AM. Arriving at Croatia around 9:30/10AM we hiked around one of Croatia’s National Parks: Plitvice Lakes. Unfortunately, because our time was scheduled out and our time was limited, we weren’t able to causally enjoy what was surrounding us and take some creative photos. Even at the end of our stay there we were running back to the entrance in order to leave on time.

We had to be at Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, on time in order to make it to our reservation. We reserved 60 minutes to play a game called Room Escape. This game was designed for the team to work together in order to “rob a bank.” We were locked in a room for 60 minutes trying to find clues in order to open locks to open a vault that held the Banker’s, Mr. Pig, diamonds. We were so close to the end- we had one more clue to solve and we ran out of time. It was a total bummer, but the game did it’s job.


Afterwards we went to an Indian restaurant and ate some awesome curry with rice! Love asian food so much. I especially miss Pho noodles and Thai Food Express. Please keep Thai Food Express open while I am gone!

Below is the highlight reel of what that day looked like and capturing the fun I had.

Prayer Request:

  • SOS students safety as they are traveling to the castle
  • Unity within the team as more people are added- that it will be smooth
  • Health. Some sort of sickness has been passing around to each of the staff members. Even I am starting to get a tickle in my throat.
  • Strength. With the new schedule, my sleeping habits have been cut down.

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