Week Three

So many moments of tears and of laughter. It’s so hard to remember and keep track of all these precious moments, but I try my best to remember.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


This was the day that Nathan was dedicated by Robyn at Calvary Chapel Spittal, but because Attila and Kara asked Amelia to take photos of the dedication, I took her place in the kitchen so that she could go to the service. I do remember listening a guest speaker from California speak at Calvary Chapel Montebelluna in English while another person translated. While listening to this podcast, I got to do a lot of the prep work that went around in the kitchen: cutting peppers, cleaning and peeling potatoes, and prepping the salad. Massimo and Eylisa are some of the most fun people to work with because you get to learn Italian and laugh about different things we say.

In the evening after dinner, Amelia, Massimo, Dany, and Paul attended Kirk & Josh’s goodbye tea party with biscuits (which was really cookies but that’s what the English call it) on the porch in front of the villa. It was sweet talking about Kirk and Josh’s high and low points of their experience being here one and two months. Also it was encouraging to hear their stories of how God is faithful and trusting God in the future for His plans and promises in our lives. Josh has been having problems with his visa to get back into the States so that he can get married to his fiancé, so he has been really trusting God that He will work it out since June is quickly approaching. Super blessed by each of their stories and miss them both a lot.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Kirk and Josh officially left in the morning for Salzburg to catch their plane for England the next day to spend a couple of weeks there sightseeing and visiting family before heading back to the states. Josh and I had a lot in common being High School leaders at our churches, so we got a long really well. And Kirk was a guy that I really respected and admired his recognition of God in everything.


My whole day was basically with this little big guy. Meet the dining room vacuum cleaner. The head on this thing is awesome! Seriously, if I were to have hardwood floors in my home I would require this wonder of a thing to be in my cleaning supplies. Super fast and easy with the smooth gliding across the floor and the pointyness of the head that allows me to get the corners of the room and the cracks of doors. Love this thing!

In the evening we had our third lesson in the Truth Project cover the question: Who is Man? I think this was one of the hardest lessons I had to learn and wrap my brain around intellectually because it was anthropology. One of the points that caught my attention was denying yourself. The sub point was, “As Christians, we experience an inner conflict between our new nature and the old, fallen nature that causes us to think and do wrong.” And the other sub point that I especially liked was the fact that we need to lean on God and His Word- to use it as a reference point of what reality really is.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Although everyone here is busy with work and many mini projects, we always find time to learn new languages, update our lives to the people at home, and especially take creative and interesting photos. The photos above were thought of by a coffee maker named Dany who is on staff and is a total hipster (think of Hudson Berdino and a hipster coffee maker and you have Dany). The photos above was a fail. The photos are blurring but the idea was fantastic.

My deadline for my Week Two blog was coming quickly and I wanted to share with you guys the 5 minute version of the wedding that took place last Saturday. So late night exporting and editing was definitely a thing while on my bed and taking selfies. This video officially kicked off my dream company of Karissa Wright Production

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

This week was the first week where Amelia had her own day off and I had mine on another day. Despite that, we went to the grocery store, got some fruit, and decided to take a pineapple and go into the woods taking photos of it and with it. Pineapples just look cool as well as tastes delicious.

Its great having a person who shares the same interests as we do. Photography is just fun and silly posing together and having crazy ideas about what to do next.

Second to last day before Atilla and his family left for Hungary, they invited everyone to help them get rid of their ice cream and root beers. Massimo and Elisa kept feeding the two younger kids, Caleb and Nathan, by making noises and sounds. Joey got jealous and gave Massimo a huge smile scoring him more ice cream.

After the party, Kelsie, Gioele, and I went into the Grand Room to watch a movie on Netflix. We decided to watch Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. The internet was bad, but we finished! The movie was ok but it was fun watching something together.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

In morning, I had the opportunity to use a sewing machine to make a garland using scraps of fabric of floral prints. First project I would say is a success!  This was all for a surprise going away party for the Sipicki Family. With ice cream sundaes and pizzas, we all enjoyed each other’s company and remembered memories of everyone involving the Sipicki family. It was super sweet and definitely blessed the family.

After the party, we had our fourth lesson of the Truth Project talking about Who is God? At this point, David arrived!! It’s so great that Team Intern is finally together! (More on David next week)

Friday, May 8, 2015


In the morning, Bec and I cleaned the villa’s bathrooms and sinks, and in the afternoon I made myself and Amelia some fruit juice before taking off to visit Graz. The drive was beautiful! I wasn’t able to see a lot of Austria driving from the airport to the castle when I arrived because I slept the whole way from not getting any sleep on the plane. A lot of the scenery reminded me of east side of California where everything is green and brown. The only difference I think is that everything is spaced out here while the tree are so cramped together in sections. But anyways, the drive was very pleasant with a lot of long tunnels. Bec told me that the tunnels were built by the prisoners of war from World War II. Sad but we are grateful for the convince of the auto bonds.


When we arrived in Graz, we met up with Bec’s friend, Katrin, at her church where we attended her College group. They were all very welcoming right as we walked into the room. The worship songs were both in German and English which was awesome to hear both sides! When we split up into small groups they made an English group so that I could understand rather than having Bec or Katrin translate every sentence spoken for me. We talked about Ephesians 5-6 on the passages on husbands, wives, children, and servants. We also shared prayer requests with one another which was cool because everyone in the group was from different stages of life: married, single, high school, working, etc. I love hearing people pray in German. They are more thoughtful with each sentence they express to the Lord. I think it’s absolutely beautiful.

After the college group, I met Katrin’s friend, Theresa, who was attending the local university for teaching English and Geography. She spoke English well and wanted to practice with me while I was attempting German. Not very well, but hey you gotta start somewhere. We decided to go out into town for a drink at an Irish pub. I got to listen to Bec and Katrin catch up on their friendship since it had been a few years.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Katrin was very generously to allow Bec and I to spend a night in her apartment. Oh my word… why can’t America’s apartments/flats be like Europe?!?! Everything was Ikea– and I mean everything. I love it! So clean and fresh. Katrin was even generous in making us breakfast and inviting Theresa. I am now a lover of European eggs and the way they make toast here. They put butter on their bread and then spread honey on top of it- heaven.

At 9 o’clock we started our little adventure walking into town to go shopping and explore the city’s architecture.   Everything was old and historical – just stunning beautiful. Even the street art was creative and thoughtful rather than someone’s gang name.

So we climbed over 300 steps to get to the top of this mountain overlooking the city of Graz. Did you know that Graz is the second largest city in Austria next to Vienna? Didn’t know that until then. The view was stunning and was well worth the climb even though my hamstrings hurt like CRAZY!

Like every human being, we get hungry around mid day so we headed back to the flat to eat a tradition European lunch meal. It was so good! It had sour cream, ham, cilantro, chives, and onions on a piece of bread all thrown in an oven. So going to make this in the future.

At the apartment, I also met Laura, Katrin’s roommate, who is currently studying English and Sign Language. We talked about what her plans was for the future and languages in general. During our conversation, rain started to chuck it combined with a little bit of some thunder and lighting.


After our goodbyes, we went for a quick stop to McDonalds, which was the fanciest establishment for a fast food that I’ve ever been. I didn’t even have to order my meal by talking to another human being. There softwares thankfully had an English version making the whole thing easy peasy.

Driving over an hour away to Klagenfurt, we arrived at Alex and his family’s flat (Bec’s brother) and decided to take some bikes and have a quick tour of the city with a personal tour guide (aka: Alex). We then hiked up this hill where Nazis shot airplanes down. Alex explained that throughout Europe, the memorials and stories always referred to the Nazis as “them” making sure that they had nothing part of it. But this cement shooting thing had the description of the Nazi as “we.” Although locked, Alex also showed us the entryway to what is to be believed as the tunnel to access the shooting structure.

All in all the week was eventful and the Lord blessed me with so many opportunities to travel and meet new people. #blessed

Prayer Requests: 

  • Christ’s love for people whether I like them or not
  • Josh’s visa before June 1st
  • Spittal Conference this weekend (5/14 – 5/18)

2 thoughts on “Week Three

  1. Hey Karissa, You are doing a great job of updating us. Ir sounds like you are having a marvelous time. I pray things continue top go well as the SOS students arrive. Praying for you,Tammy

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