3, 2, 1 … BLAST OFF

Friday, April 17, 2015


I was blessed by the folks above who came to my family’s house and prayed for me before taking off! The night was filled with fellowship, food, food, and more food. =)

It was sweet to see almost everyone at the same time. To enjoy those last minutes of laughing together, taking quizzes from New York Times (Thanks Maci!) to find out where we are from based on our choice of language and words, and just being in each others company was something I will cherish during the journey.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Family saw me off at the San Francisco Airport at 8AM to then board my 10AM flight with Alaska Airlines heading towards Seattle.


Don’t we all look so alike in this photo? Crazy! I mean, I get it, we’re sisters, but seriously so alike in this photo!

When boarding my plane to Seattle, my carry-on luggage was a little too large and therefore could not fit on the overhead compartment. Thankfully the flight attendants stored it in their storage space so that I didn’t have to pay any additional charges. Praise God for His goodness!

I also sat to a very nice elderly couple who I befriended and they ended up praying for me and telling me their experiences traveling, which was super encouraging.

I finally read all the letters that was given to me these past couple of weeks and they have been really encouraging and made me want to cry, but you know H2O though- you just got save up on that stuff while on the plane. hahaha

Sunday, April 19, 2015

I boarded my long flight to Frankfurt, Germany. This flight was about 11 hours with a hot cabin, and cramped legs. But the food wasn’t all that bad and the couple that I sat next to was super awesome and acted like my second parents for the duration of this flight.


I did a lot of reading while on this flight to prepare for my internship training in the next 6 or so weeks. I have been reading and making notes On Being A Servant by Warren B. Wiersbe. This book is so good that I would recommend anyone involved in ministry or is preparing for one to read! I am only 4 chapters in and already I have been blessed by it.

Downside of the flight was that 6 hours of flight time left before reaching Frankfurt, I needed to sleep. Unfortunately, I slept on and off for four hours and then decided to give up. So now I am running on low hours of sleep and still have one more flight to go!

11118750_10203633230022564_1555693542_n 11125516_10203633229462550_1728231157_n 11178606_10203633229702556_738750814_n

Arriving at the Frankfurt Airport there is free Wifi! Yay! When going through their gates again I didn’t realize I was getting “quizzed” on the reason of my extended visit regarding my visa, but praise the Lord I didn’t say the wrong thing and in turn got my european stamp of approval!

Currently I am waiting to board my last plane to Salzburg which consist of a 55 minute flight. I can do this! When I got off my last plane, my stomach wasn’t doing too well, so hopefully despite the smaller plane my stomach can take the pressure this time.

Thank you for everyone’s prayers! I will let you know on Facebook when I’ve arrived safely at the Castle.


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