Another Step Closer

After what seemed to be the most crazy appointment ever last week, I finally received my visa! All for a little sticker in one of my pages… PRAISE GOD! I was getting a little nervous as time went by getting closer to my departure date, April 18th, but God is so good and He is faithful.

Only 18 more days until I hop on a plane at San Fran and enjoy some time sitting, sleeping, eating, and reading for a total of 21 hours. It’s hard to believe that the time is almost near.

Recently a lot of people have been asking me if I am excited or if I am ready to leave and if I have everything I need:

  • The fullness of excitement hasn’t hit me yet because of all the business that is going on around me trying to prepare for it, but I know that when I am on the way to the airport and the closer I get to my destination the excitement will be overflowing!
  • What I have been currently focusing one has been my packing list. I decided to take the minimalist approach and pack for comfort and convince instead of fashion and style. I find this method to be easy, light and wise as it will take less pressure off what to wear everyday and to just focus on what needs are there to serve others.
  • As far as my current work and internship, I have been tying up ends and making sure that I finish as much of the prioritized projects as possible before I leave.
  • So far I have raised about half of the funds needed to support this missions trip leaving $1,500 to go in reaching my goal. I am prayerfully confident that God has gotten it all worked out and that He will provide my needs.

Talking to God, also known as prayer, has always been a sweet thing- to know who you are talking to and having confidence that He is going to take care of your needs because He loves you and has the power of the universe to do so. Through this time of preparation, there has been a lot of prayer involved concerning the upcoming Summer of Service team, my leadership role in management, the current staff and other interns, and so much more. If you are willing, please be praying for these things and more as they will be strengthening throughout the entirety of this journey. Thank you.


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