Preparing to Fly Away

Sunday, March 15, 2015

With the graciousness of the Vander Dussens family, we headed down to LA where I would go to my visa appointment at the Austrian Consulate. This little guy (pictured bellow), whose fifth birthday is on Tuesday, Elijah (also known as Pico or Fish), kept me entertained talking and asking questions about anything that came to his mind, which can be some of the weirdest things by the way. We ended up all taking a nap in the car, which was definitely needed on my end from the process of my family’s house moving the previous day. 11072277_10203441084979058_513846030_n

We arrived safely and exhausted after being blocked from construction on a major road, thus forcing us the longer route to reach the house we were staying at, we ate some delivered pizza from a local business and then went to bed at 10PM.

Monday, March 16. 2015

Waking early in the morning, we went out for breakfast at an outdoor place near a university called Bruxie’s Gourmet Waffle Sandwiches. I had a waffle sandwich with nutella, banana, and their special cream (picture below). If you are ever in the area, you gotta try this place out! 11020411_10203441084259040_1650387693_n

Funny moment while there: Elijah asked what one of the songs that was playing was about and his mom told him it was about getting married. Elijah whispered something to almost three year old Joey leaving Joey saying in his winey voice, “But I don’t wanna get married.” Being 15 minutes away from the Huntington beach, we spent the morning and early part of the afternoon walking up and down the beach, tossing a frisbee, slightly swimming/boogie boarding, getting burnt, and having a fun time.

11056782_10203441083899031_2006771358_n 11076126_10203441083779028_1276117926_n

After coming home from the beach we ate leftover pizza from the night before, took a nap and went to the local community pool and spa where we relaxed until dinnertime. The signed that was at the gate of the pool (pictured below) made us giggle a little bit as to what the incident was that they had to put that sign up and if they had to get it custom made.


The pool ended up being really cold and the spa super hot, but we eventually got used to the warm water. Joey was quicker to adapt to the water than Elijah. Therefore Joey created bubbles from his swimsuit making Elijah exclaimed in laughter, “Look Joey is pooping bubbles!” We eventually figured out the timer for the bubbles making the experience much more relaxing and enjoyable.

11076124_10203442349050659_2044386249_n 11076036_10203442349090660_1845508475_n 11072336_10203442348850654_1094716510_n

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

After leaving our temporary home, we went to Flappy Jack Pancake House to celebrate Elijah’s 5th birthday! We each ordered our own special pancake and was able to watch Elijah rip open his presents: clothes, shoes, bow/arrows, and a Star Wars Lightsaber.

We then headed to my appointment with the Austrian Consulate where I applied for my visa. The process wasn’t as smooth as I’d hope to be, but I made it through thanks to the many prayers from those back home. I will expect to receive my visa in the mail within a couple of weeks.

By the time I was finished with my application process it was already lunch time. Scott decided to take us walking down the Santa Monica stripe mall where we were admiring the leaf like structure of bushes created to look like dinosaurs.

10807102_10203446759560919_1443574589_n 11072242_10203446759960929_1405741508_n

I have never been to the stripe mall in Santa Monica but I would definitely like to go there again…especially after the wonderful hamburgers we had. We stopped by Umini Burgers where I had their Umini Burger which had they meat patty, homemade buns, shiitake mushroom, tomatoes, and some crunchy thing that I can’t remember but boy was it good!


While waiting for our food, the boys were having fun with the flowers and putting them in each other’s hair making them look like “girls.” This was pretty entertaining to watch.


So that concluded my trip and now we are currently heading to home sweet home. Thank you for keeping this trip and the visa appointment in your prayers!

If you would like to know more about what this trip is about you can follow the link below and it will tell you how you can support my trip financially, spiritually, and more:


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