More and more have I been thinking upon the importance of fellowshipping with fellow believers outside of church. Besides the typical hanging out and doing something fun, small home bible studies I have recently experienced to become invaluable.

One of the biggest things for me is learning what other people thought of the same passage the group has been studying, discovering their perspective, comparing it and adding it to yours. Recently I studied the first chapter of Thessalonians with a group of ladies from my Monday night bible study while going through the book Influence: Living and Sharing a Life of Wisdom by Jan Silvious and Pan Gillaspie. In this ten verse chapter, I have discovered so many precious things that the Lord has shown to me personally and to the group as a whole. But I think it is even more precious to discover these things in a small group because each one of us can encourage and remind one another of the things of the Lord.

Another thing is praying for one another and meeting up again and sharing what the Lord has done in each one of our lives. To have a group who is easily accessible to say, “Hey, can you pray for me regarding such and such?” gives a great comfort to keep the Lord on the forethought of our minds everyday. Prayer is important on a personal relationship scale with the Lord, but I think that with the body of Christ also praying for you brings you encouragement to know that God answers prayers.

If you are not already involved in a bible study outside of the regular Sunday morning services, I would highly recommend going to one if your schedule allows! Whether it be for diving deeper into the word of God, or getting to know other believers in the fellowship, or even to see the Lord show something, joining a bible study can really stretch and grow your relationship with the Lord.


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