Busy Doesn’t Mean No Time

I don’t know about you, but I feel all the time I am thinking about the next thing that I need to do or the next event that is coming up that I need to prepare for. Before, I used to think that because I was busy for the Lord it gave me an excuse to not spend some personal time with Him. I was treating Him like a genie: only asking for help in time of need or just wanting to look good in front of others.

Without realizing it, the more I spend time with the Lord the more I am treating the way I communicate with Him, talk about Him and thinking about Him as more as a friend. I think it is important to frequently evaluate your relationship with the Lord. Not in a perspective of this is wrong and that is wrong, or good I am doing this or that, but more with eyes that help you realize how much you are changing and growing through Him and how He has been faithful to you.

To help me through this process, I have been filming vlogs, which is blogging but in video form, on my vlogging channel. Everyday I am talking about what I am doing for the day and what I learned from my devotion that day. This helps me to reflect on what I have learned verbally and to also keep myself accountable to spending time with the Lord. What would be cool would be to also have some feedback and other perspectives of my thoughts on passages or chapters that I read, but who knows, it might go in another direction!

If you would like to catch up click on one of the photos below!




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