Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015.

I can barely comprehend what has happened in my life these past 365 days as everything almost runs together as one. My life has consisted of three things: work, church and family.


Half of this year I have been working for Habitat for Humanity, Stanislaus County completing a year of hard work service for them and my community. As Habitat’s former Youth Volunteer Coordinator, I have gained a lot of experience in an office and construction environment to plan, coordinate, and lead teams on the construction field on a monthly basis all while managing Habitat’s social media networks and fundraising events. Despite the fact that the economy has not been doing too well and it has been difficult to find decent jobs, the Lord made me uneasy about being there that I decided to hand in my resignation and become an employee with PlumEasy Patterns as part of their warehouse production team. This came all in the matter of the Lord’s timing as He transitioned me to this new position, one of their main employees was moving on to another job.


About 60 days out of the past 365 days, I had the opportunity to partner with Teen Missions International to serve the Lord in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. With a total of 26 students between the ages of 13 to 19 and four leaders, we went through boot camp together in Merritt Island in Florida for two weeks and then travelled to an orphanage on one the mountain sides in Honduras where we stayed for over a month. That trip was definitely one of the most hardest experiences in my life! To this day I do not know why the Lord had me on that team, but I trust that He had me there for a reason whether I can see it or not. I learned patience, how to be a more effective leader with my peers, and trusting more in the Lord. I am so thankful for the friends that I was able to make on this trip, and still keep in touch with a few of them here and there- praying for each other and sharing what each others plans are for the next summer.


The first half of the year I was titled under UniteHSF’s “Intern” helping in the areas as an assistant leader, photographer, videographer, decor designer, and many more little things. The Lord had definitely stretched me in areas I didn’t even know how I could have been stretched in, but He is good and He has my best interests at heart. After coming back from Honduras, I continued serving in the High School’s youth group as a leader on Sundays, Wednesdays, and special events. So far this school year has been awesome! The Lord has been doing great things especially in my small group on Wednesday Nights drawing us closer in reflection of the Word and praying over each other. Today I came back from one of our biggest events that we do all year, which is our annual winter break 4 or 5 day mission trip to our community that we like to call Detour. Reflecting on this past week, I am excited to see UniteHSF really unite together as a group and what the Lord has in store for them in this coming year.


I am uncertain of what my future may pertain, but I am confident that the Lord is going to lead and direct me with His perfect timing. This year I would love to see the following things happen in my life:
1. Spending time with the Lord everyday.
2. Continuously having a conversation with Him about anything and everything; asking for the little things as well that large.
3. Film my life everyday in 2015 (click here)
4. Exercise & Eat Healthy regularly
5. Reduce pants size to a single digit

We shall see how well these goals will hold up this year, but I hope you all have had a comfortable New Year’s Eve either with friends, family, or even in the comfort of your own bed.

With Love,


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